Burcevska does ultrasound, marriage proposal, still doesn’t make Eurotrash finals


In what is probably the worst organized event in existence, this year Eurotrash singing contest was as tacky as the one last year, and the year before that… The good thing is, this was just the semifinals, ah yes, there is more to come.

First, we were spooked by an albanian creature who apparently decided to scare everyone in Kiev. Was she suppose to be princess Gollum from Lord of the Rings?

Image result for albania eurovision linda halimi

As for Kiev, the organizer, they decided to ban the Russian contestant for this year EuroTrash competition because she visited Crimea, thus she automatically became a “state enemy”.

Image result for russian eurovision wheel chair

By the way, the Russian contestant has a terrible disease, she’s been in a wheel chair since she was five years old. Yes, this is who they banned! If any European country had a shred of decency in them, they would have boycotted the competition out of support for the Russian contestant. But since none of them do, they all showed up, including our own, Jana Burcevska (had to look up her name).

Jana Burcevska absolutely picked up all the points for tackiest introduction ever seen on TV. You’d normally want to see what Macedonia has to offer, but no. First, we were greeted with Jana shopping baby clothing from a store (to let us know she was pregnant), picking up cheesy points from the get-go. Then we saw her going under an ultrasound, in case you didn’t get that she was pregnant the first time. What I am upset about is that I wasn’t informed how she made the appointment for the ultrasound? We need info people!

The icing on the cake was the “marriage proposal”, not the one in Skopje, we needed another one in Kiev, to score some extra cheesy points that will hopefully put is in the final. But no, the EuroTrash crowd wasn’t impressed.

Hard to believe this politically motivated competition still exists (how do you think Ukraine won?), and that we’re paying 150,000 euros just to take part in it.