Samsonenko suddenly announces he is quitting Vardar


Russian-Macedonian investor and owner of Macedonian football and handball champion Vardar came to an abrupt end this morning.
In a letter released to the press, Samsonenko stated he was very surprised to read the media attacks on him over the ticket prices for the upcoming clash between Vardar – Fenerbahce, whose prices equaled those of the UEFA Super Cup between Real Madrid and Manchester United, starting a 30 euors/ticket.

In his letter, Samsonenko says this will be his last season as an investor in the the football and handball clubs.
In addition, Samsonenko has ordered refunds to all who paid 30-45 euros/ticket, and announced new prices of 5 euros for the entire stadium.

Considering Vardar is the reigning European champion in handball, and is on the door to qualify for the Europa group stage, it is somewhat strange that Samsonenko (who is also a Macedonian citizen), came about this decision based on a complaint by fans over ticket prices, which they had the right to do.

Is it really all about ticket prices?

One has to take into account that after marionette Zaev was installed in office, just two weeks later Samsonenko announced he will become a sponsor in one Russia’s largest clubs, CSKA Moskva.

Previously, the SDS has publicly stated they are against any Russian investments in the country, with waitress Shekerinska announcing the same just three days ago. It’s the same anti-Russian idiocy tape that has swept most of the western world. How crazy things are at home was confirmed by the fact the SDS was advised by the US Embassy through Mitko Burchevski to stop the celebration and welcoming of HC Vardar as the European champion because “any patriotism is unwelcomed”. The Embassy was worried the joy of Macedonians and the display of patriotism could possibly turn them into replacing the SDS. Lunatics are indeed paranoid.

This is just a speculation on my part, however, Samsonenko’s move is not surprising at all. He is aware he will be targeted by Zaev and his racketeers very quickly, and quite cleverly used the alleged ‘negative’ discussion of the ticket prices as an escape module. Keep in mind the SDS brought in a law last week for ‘asset seizure’ which can target anyone for pretty much no reason at all. The law makes as much sense as the language law that allows an ethnic albanian judge to speak albanian when the defendant and prosecutor are Macedonians.

What Samsonenko is simply doing at this point is, leave a sinking ship called Macedonia, soon to be renamed.
Lastly, here is the reaction from Macedonia’s Minister of Culture!?