SDS junta to put Macedonia 854m euros in debt


To ensure Macedonia is blackmailed by Western banks for years to come by imposing all sorts of austerity measures (see Greece), the SDS junta will borrow 854m euros, with no plans for any capital projects in the process. Macedonia has no need for such credit, yet the SDS did it anyways.

This will make Macedonia from one of the least indebted country in Europe, to one of the most, considering its GDP has shrunk a whopping 3% since the Zaev led junta was put in power.

The Government has announced a budget of 3.4 billion euros, the largest ever, however there are no details for the massive budget increase and Finance Minister Tevdovski has already stated there are no plans for capital projects. The Government has also stopped the construction of a state of the art Clinic in Ohrid, started by the previous Government.

The SDS has also removed over 24m euros in subsidies given out to farmers each year, without giving details what it intends to do with the money.