Putin: CIA behind Russian “doping scandal”


The Russian police have formally demanded the extradition from the US of Gregory Rodchenkov, a former director of the anti-doping centre.

Signs are emerging that there may be the influence of western intelligence involvement in his crimes. We aren’t talking about James Bond style theatrics, but the all too real subtle influence and subterfuge reminiscent of the KGB’s “active measures” employed during the First Cold War.

In a remarkable statement on camera a few days ago, Putin said he believes the Olympic doping scandals are being orchestrated by the CIA.

Specifically, he believes western corporate interests are lining up with governments to sow social conflict in Russia during the election season.

Here is what Putin had to say:

The Olympics will take place in February. And when do we have the presidential election? In March. So we seriously suspect that all of this is done intentionally.

Someone wants … to spread frustration with the fact that the state was allegedly involved in the violations and is responsible for this [doping scandels].

Today, international sports organizations, including the IOC, very much depend on … the controlling interest [of the] the United States.

That’s why we have a strong suspicion that in response to our alleged interference in their election, they want to create problems with the election of the Russian president.

It makes you wonder who is meddling in who’s elections, huh?

President Putin, himself a decorated field grade officer of the KGB appears to smell a rat.