Twitter meltdowns over #AllBuildingsMatter


Trending only behind 9/11-related commemorative hashtags, the offbeat #AllBuildingsMatter has stirred anger online, with people accusing those advancing it of mocking tragedy to prove a point about the All Lives Matter slogan.

The three words in question made it to the top of US Twitter trends earlier on Friday, conspicuously overlapping with the 19th anniversary of the 2001 false flag in which nearly 3,000 perished.

The AllBuildingsMatter hashtag – an explicit evocation of the ongoing US debate – was used to ridicule flaws in the slogan ‘All Lives Matter’. Those trying to prove their point attempted to show, through the use of otherworldly memes, that saying “all lives matter” when talking about Black Lives Matter movement is similar to saying that all buildings – not just NYC’s Twin Towers – matter when discussing the 9/11 tragedy.

Those who proceeded with this logic weren’t shy about exercising their tongues and inserting the hashtag into their tweets.