Brother of SDSM official gets €83,240 EU funds for training a donkey


Goran Velkovski, the brother of SDSM MP Dime Velkovski, has received 83,000 euros for training a donkey. The money once again came from the EU, and once again it was given by Macedonian based “National Agency for European Education Programs” Erazmus+ run by Lidija Dimova.


The corruption in Macedonia with EU funds is absurdly high (Lidija Dimova has purchased two brand new VW cars worth 90,000 euros).

Despite this, Goran Velkovski has been successful in training the donkey. Although it doesn’t have the ability to form a coherent sentence yet, at this time, the donkey is in charge of Macedonia. Money well spent.

Least, but not last, Macedonia’s corrupt public prosecutors are ignoring a document shown below by an individual who exposes multitude of crimes precisely with the project awarded by Lidija Dimova to Zoran Zlatkovski (the one where a hairdresser received 270,000 euros for European education, while Ss Cyril & Methodius University and other Universities received 0 euros).