10 former Macedonian politicians have sued Zaev’s Government Junta in Strasbourg


A Strasbourg court has identified 10 former officials who are suing the illegal Macedonian Government using the disputed abolition of former President Gjorge Ivanov.

In the first group of applications are Mile Janakievski, Kiril Bozinovski and Kiro Todorovski, while in the second are Nikola Gruevski, Saso Mijalkov, Mile Janakieski, Gordana Jankulovska, Toni Trajkovski, Edmond Temelko, Vladimir Talevski, Toni Jakimovski.

The state should answer whether the general abolition that Ivanov gave in 2016 is legal and whether its withdrawal is legally justified.

MINA finds that the Macedonian Government not just is aware they have broken all sorts of laws, but have gone quite far in their attempt to hide the fact they are being sued in Strasbourg.

The above mentioned ex politicians will win their cases against Zaev’s criminal Government and on top of it will receive substantial sums of money for being illegally prosecuted. In the end, the Macedonian taxpayers will cover this expenses.