10% of Russian men volunteer for Army to escape nagging wives


One-tenth of the men in Russia volunteering for the conflict with Ukraine are doing so to escape their henpecking wives, the mayor of the coal-mining town of Vorkuta, Yaroslav Shaposhnikov, has claimed.

“Around 10% of volunteers who go to the frontline are going there because their wives probably became accustomed to a decent life… and are nagging, nagging, and nagging,” Shaposhnikov said during an online panel discussion – ‘Open Vorkuta’.

The official urged Russian women to provide a solid “rear” for their husbands and support them instead. Shaposhnikov, however, did not elaborate on what his 10% estimate was based on.

Video of the meeting was posted on social media by the mayor, which has gone viral and received wide media coverage. Amid waves of mockery, Shaposhnikov defended his remarks, saying his comments were taken out of context by the media.

“I am a patriot of my Motherland. I cannot objectively say how [the remark] looks from the outside. The words were taken out of context, and some even gave their own interpretation. You need to watch the full video, but in general, I stand my ground: A woman is the rear and support of a man, who she must back in any situation,” he told media outlet Podyem.

Russia declared a partial mobilization earlier this month to bolster its military in the conflict with Ukraine, which broke out in late February. Currently, Moscow is seeking to mobilize 300,000 men, focusing on those who have served in the military and have previous combat experience.