10am Results: 6% Northerner turnout


The Macedonian electoral commission released its first results. As of 10am 108,619 people voted out of the 1,808,131 eligible voters.

This is equivalent to 6% turnout.

Now, the main question everyone on social media is asking: at what time will DUI DPNESDS begin their ballot stuffing? Will it be 5pm as seen during the Referendum, or sooner?

Either way, this is certainly not good news for Gordana Pendarovska and Stevo Siljanovski who jointly have delivered what is likely the last Communist-Sorosoid hit for the already dead DPNE.

  • Tony

    They will elect talat Xaferi as president in parliament and the west will legitimise it. Just as they have made the North

    • junio999

      Well, thats may be the result with everyone pushing for “boycott”.

    • Legenda Patriot

      No way!, That is a crime against all Macedonians. Exterminate these vile scum!