13 French soldiers die in helicopter collision over Mali


Thirteen soldiers have been confirmed killed following a collision between two French military helicopters during a raid on jihadists in Mali. It is the single greatest loss of military personnel since France intervened in 2013.

“The president announces with deep sadness the death of 13 French troops in Mali on the evening of November 25, in an accident between their two helicopters during a combat mission against jihadists,” a statement from Emmanuel Macron’s office said on Tuesday.

The fatalities included six army officers, six non-commissioned officers and a corporal, according to reports.

13 French soldiers killed as 2 helicopters collide during Mali anti-terror raid

France currently has over 4,500 troops on the ground in Mali helping to fight against multiple jihadist insurgencies across the Sahel region. The UN has also stationed 15,000 troops there in addition to the French forces.

Militant groups aligned with both Islamic State and Al Qaeda have launched sporadic attacks across the sparsely populated region for years. Central and northern Mali in particular have been used as staging grounds for attacks in other countries in the past. 

France was already reeling from the loss of Brigadier Ronan Pointeau who was killed in Mali earlier this month when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. Islamist militants killed dozens of Malian soldiers earlier this month in one of the deadliest attacks in the country’s recent history.