13 police officers injured in protest over Albania’s first toll road


Hundreds of demonstrators clashed with police during protests against Albania’s first ever toll road near the Kalimash tunnel in the north of the country, Albanian Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj said.

Rioters were throwing stones, destroying collection boxes with bars, and setting them on fire, AP reported. 13 officers were wounded in the violence, Xhafaj said, with local media also reporting injuries among the protesters.

The controversial 110km road connects a checkpoint on the Kosovo border with Milot, a holiday destination on the Adriatic Sea, which is popular with Kosovan tourists.

An international consortium, which is to operate the highway for the next 30 years, has set the tolls ranging from €2.50 ($3.08) to €22.50 ($27.73), depending on the type of vehicle.