14% of the Vote, but Controls 95% of the Country – DUI shows who is the boss


After sublimating the votes from today’s vote for a new head of the Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption, the Election Commission announced that DUI’s Islam Abazi received the most votes, 66.

Ermon Neziri is second, out of the four candidates in terms of the number of votes, with 64 votes. Dessa Paunovska has received 10 votes, and Vilma Ruskovska 14.

The Commission stated that within seven days, Islam Abazi should be appointed as the head of the Prosecutor’s Office for prosecuting organized crime and corruption.

According to the Law, as indicated by the Commission, the four candidates, as well as the voters, have the right to object to the voting results.

Former top Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska was removed from office after making the mistake of believing she can go after corrupt and criminal DUI officials.

The elected top prosecutor, Islam Abazi is completely anonymous, prosecutors in the Macedonian capital admit they have never heard of him, one cannot find a photo of him online, however he is from the village of Zajas, just few houses down from Ali Ahmeti. That’s all you need to know.

There hasn’t been a Ministerial, Director or any other executive role the SDS has not been willing to sell just to remain in power for few more days.