16 year anniversary of the battle for Radusha


Today is the 16 year anniversary of the largest (yet never mentioned) battle in Macedonia against Kosovo terrorists.

It occurred near the water reservoir of Rashche, which supplies the Macedonian capital with water. Incredibly, this ultra important facility that provides drinking water to 1m people was protected only by 35 policemen, and most were reserve policemen, which included my neighbor Zarko.

It comes as no surprise that the terrorists in Kosovo, assisted by NATO, targeted Rasche as their primary goal. Taking over Rasche and cutting off the water supply would have easily brought the entire country to its knees, particularly the idiot Government.

The 35 reserve policemen were attacked by over 700 heavily armed terrorists from Kosovo. As Zarko puts it, the policemen didn’t think they would last a day, there were simply too many terrorists from all directions firing with heavy machine guns and RPGs. Radio contact with the base reveals Macedonian policemen mocked their superiors asking them to create “35 graves, and pay attention to the flower arrangements”. The base promised help, but it arrived three days later, ironically, the “help” was additional 35 lightly armed reserve policemen, who once again were at least ten fold outnumbered.

Zarko says, the Macedonian base refused to involve the army, despite the fact they were attacked by foreign professional military force from Kosovo. The US had threatened Macedonian officials not to involve the army. With a dozen injured policemen, they were still somehow holding the terrorist at bay, but it became evident they would be overwhelmed.

It was then president Trajkovski who made a phone call and activated the army. The battle for Radusha ended 1 hour later. First a Sukhoi jet dropped 500kg bombs on the terrorists and Mi24 gunships obliterated what was left. The Macedonian army then pounded theĀ  border with Kosovo with artillery from Chashka. Zarko says, the army ended up killing between 300-500 terrorists, the fields were littered with bodies.

The Macedonian army and the police reservists did not suffer losses.

Since a political capitulation was the goal, later, as we know, our strategic partners created a new scenario in Aracinovo which resulted in NATO going inside the village with buses to evacuate the terrorists and over 50 NATO (US, British and German) soldiers who assisted the terrorists as “guides”.

16 years later, our fake patriots, sellouts in Gruevski, Ivanov and deranged lunatics in Zaev are pushing us to join the very people who organized the attack, NATO.

Who did Zarko and his comrades fight for?

  • Goran Stavreski

    The first thing the traitors did in 2002 was dismantle the Su25 so they can’t be used to defend the country.
    Trajkovski paid with his life for his order to unleash the jets.
    Keep in mind, the DPNE never put the Su25 together, nor did they purchase any fighter jets, despite being in power for 11 years.

    • jj

      “Trajkovski paid with his life for his order to unleash the jets.”

      If so then he is a martyr for Macedonia.

  • jj

    Wasn’t Agim Ceku, the former KLA leader who also ethnically cleansed Croatian Serbs, involved?