2 Greek Soldiers Killed in Ukraine as part of NATO force


Greece’s foreign ministry said on Monday two Greek soliders were killed and another two seriously injured in an incident involving Ukrainian soldiers in the country’s east near the front line of the conflict with pro-Russian separatist forces.

Earlier, Greece issued an advisory urging its nationals to avoid travelling to Ukraine and calling on any Greeks there to leave “immediately” in the face of fears that Russia, which has massed forces near Ukraine’s borders, may allegedly invade.

The Greek foreign ministry said in a statement that three Ukrainian soldiers were ‘responsible’ for the deaths and injuries to the four Greeks in the village of Hranitne close to the ‘line of contact’ with pro-Russian separatist forces.

It said the violence erupted after the Greeks and Ukrainian soldiers got into an argument ‘for an insignificant reason’.

The Greek MFA did not elaborate what the Greek soldiers were doing in the area but a Greek foreign ministry official said the incident had nothing to do with the ongoing conflict in the region.

This incident is further evidence that the main reason why Russia has brought soldiers to its eastern flank is because NATO has quietly amassed thousands of soldiers in Ukraine that include American, Canadian, British, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Greek soldiers.