20,000 Macedonians protest in front of Parliament, want traitor Zaev and his associates hanged


Over 20,000 Macedonians spontaneously gathered this evening in front of Parliament, sending strong messages to the treasonous Government junta led by Zaev.

Protesters demanded the quisling junta not go against the will of the people, because that would escalate the situation in the country, and urged an immediate annulment of the agreement between Zaev and Tsipras, the same way they did it – over the phone. Protesters pledged to gather in front of Parliament until the abolition of the agreement and the withdrawal of the referendum decision!


The demonstrators gave strong support to President Gjorge Ivanov and told him that they would always be there along with him, in good and bad.

They asked for a public hanging of Zoran Zaev, the illegitimate prime minister and traitor. Hangings were requested for Zaev’s associates as well.

The protesters emphasized that the protest had people from all political parties and all ethnicities, asking no one to associate them with any political option.

The protest, early on…

  • jj

    I admire the patriotic Macedonians who don’t take these kinds of abuses against their country lying down.

  • Goran Stavreski

    It’s only going to get bigger. Several Macedonian newspapers have already stated they would never use any other name than Macedonia.

    • Trajce Mileski

      God bless Macedonia and the Macedonian people 🇲🇰🇳🇿
      Obesejtego toj siptar
      Love you beautiful people od srce I Cele Australia 🇦🇺

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Mount a guillotine in front of the parliament building so they know what is waiting for them.

  • Legenda Patriot

    No need to stall the clean up of the traitors any longer. Start lining them up now. We don’t need any further justification. The treasonous bastards have demonstrated their final act of betrayal of the Macedonian identity.

  • Bella


  • Jole

    I once e-mailed Zaiko Kookooraiko that my satisfaction would come when I see him an others hanging from street illumination poles. The last straw, Macedonian’s have to grow a pair or take them out of their pockets and put them where they belong, get rid of this scum along with bailey and that british lyme prick, man I’ve never seen two ugly fucks guess it’s that anglo/saxon inbreeding.