VMRO’s Rangelova lunching with Name Change recruiter and Baily’s enforcer David Stephenson


The leader of VMRO’s Union for Women was seen lunching with State Department enforcer David Stephenson and DUI’s Artan Grubi at a local Skopje restaurant.

Just few days ago we reported that Daniela Rangelova was seen entering the US Embassy. MINA has alluded on several occasions, however now we can be certain she is one that is bought among at least 3-4 VMRO MPs that we know are negotiating as well.

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More striking is the sight of David Stephenson at the table, one of Jess Baily’s main enforcers who now rather shockingly works for Janeva’s quasi anti-constitutional SPO team and is greatly involved in pushing the SPO to pursue and press criminal charges against VMRO’s leadership particularly in relation to the name change. All this despite the fact that SPO’s mandate ended a year ago.

Rangelova’s luncheon with DUI’s Artan Grubi and David Stephenson comes after a bizarre interview given to SDSM run media in which Rangelova sets the foundation for what may come on the 15th, at least for her. The VMRO women’s leader claims the party cannot be isolated and must swim in European waters… in other words, she will sellout.

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VMRO, this is your women’s leader?

  • Maco

    This woman is scary looking. Obviously by dining out in the open with the company she is dining with she is obviously not scared in betraying her country and people. One thing that gets me is why the dpmne political party has not expelled her from the party as well as the other dpmne members negotiating their bribes. I have a fear that the republic of macedonia will cease to exist from the 15th. And there will be no macedonians nor macedonian history. This is disgusting. Never in the history of mankind has a country caused their own ethnic cleansing or genocide. Its disgusting the Macedonian people have allowed it to get to this stage.

    • Goran Stavreski

      They can’t expell her now, will make it much worse… they can still influence her to some extent as an MP

      • Maco

        There will be major fallout if she and other dpmne politicians vote for name change in the assembly. The only thing that will influence her is the $2.5 million cash given to her as a bribe. She will be owned by the bribers.

        • Goran Stavreski

          If one of the DPNE idiots votes, their party is finished.

  • vistina

    Another case of “Russian meddling” clearly in public view in broad daylight.

    If she dined with Russian embassy staff every major English language news outlet would make it a major news item and paint it in a negative light.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    For dessert she had a hot dog