DPNE in cahoots with SDS towards electing a President through Parliament


DPNE’s Vladimir Gjorchev has thrown his hat into the ring for a presidential contender. This, despite the party being warned by its membership since October not to nominate Gjorchev.

It has become a tradition now not just for MINA, but the general public to know what steps are taken by both DPNE and SDS months before they take them. The reason for this is quite simple and boils down to: both the SDS and DPNE have the same foreign handlers. In addition, both political parties are working toward the same cause – thus their predictability.

While the SDS still holds their cards sort of hidden, they are too busy with all the criminal activities, DPNE quietly nominated Gjorchev, who has now received the public support of MP Antonio Miloshoski. Yes, we too don’t know what happened to Miloshoski.

What do we know of Gjorchev?

  • His childhood was quite traumatic, it wouldn’t be fair of us to elaborate on this. He already has enough problems.
  • Needed a decade to graduate from a Macedonian University. A decade, in Macedonia! He was enrolled in Skopje, studying Law, couldn’t graduate, moved to Shtip to study Political Science. He was referred to as the “forever student”.
  • Never held a job in his life. He became a DPNE MP, that’s his job.
  • Brainwashed by Hollywood, obsessed with life in the US. Married a US Citizen.
  • Often referred to as Nikola Dimitrov #2! Gjorchev has been compromised by the US for at least a decade. The State Department prefers to speak to the DPNE solely through Gjorchev who then briefs (misleads) the DPNE. Visits the State Department more often than the US Ambassador.
  • Changed his faith to a “Protestant” in an effort to be closer and more liked by his bosses at the State Department.

This is who Jess Baily nominated for ‘president’ – Vladimir Red Flag Gjorchev.

DPNE’s president, Mickoski hasn’t made a single comment, remains in his rat hole. Gjorchev’s nomination is part of the “master” plan, as predicted months ago. The visible connection between the ruling coalition and Macedonia’s controlled opposition continues unabated. Although under immense pressure from its membership, DPNE yielded the weakest and most compromised candidate, a candidate that’s somehow inferior to Amdi Bajram – Coca Cola.

It’s clear DPNE is done as a political force, but here is the thing that surprised us. SDS journalists (Branko Geroski) with major ties to Zaev have shown great deal of support for Gjorcev, publishing positive remarks for his nomination!?! You’d think they would have kept this hidden to a certain extent.
This is a very, very, very bad sign. It further expands just how flawed Gjorcev is. The one thing you don’t want is for well known Soros activists and USAid financed media to back you. The DPNE and SDS appear to be in cahoots on much larger level than we anticipated to ensure we all become Northern idiots.

DPNE’s membership has blasted the party and urged them to nominate Karakamisheva or Durlovski.

However, if you look at the big picture, Gjorcev’s nomination makes complete sense. Both DPNE and SDS plan on introducing very weak candidates (Gjorcev and Spasovski?), Gjorchev being the “stronger” candidate.
With candidates like these, boycott is the only result, particularly since no early elections are planned on being held with the presidential elections. Once they’re not able to get to the 40% turnout, Zaev’s junta, once again with assistance from DPNE will change the Constitution and ensure the future president is elected by Parliament, not by the people – there’s already been great deal of talk on this by DUI and SDS.

The goal is to put in a corrupt puppet president that will sign off on all the illegal insanity pushed through Parliament. What better than have a corrupt president be elected by corrupt puppet MPs? Plan B – have SDS support Gjorcev to get enough votes to go over the 40% turnout – Gjorcev will sign off on everything. He is Jess Baily’s Plan B.

Both plans are quite bad for the country, and if any of these plans goes through… we can all start a Macedonian colony in Russia’s Far East.

  • Billy

    Gjorcev is Jess Baily’s candidate.
    He is supported both by DPNE and SDS…

  • neutrinoz

    Ba(i)lu intentionally does not read Dudinka, MINA, etc … or any place where sovereign people talk.

    His choice of postman must be derogatorily painful. So #Bojkot it is.

  • Goran Stavreski

    There is organized pressure on political analysts and “journalists” in Macedonia to back Gjorcev… it’s getting hilarious. The SDS too are backing Gjorcev, but are waiting until sometime in March to allegedly nominate their guy… Yep, they are backing Baily’s candidate so much, they’ll wait and nominate their candidate within 2-3 weeks of the actual presidential elections!?