Moscow’s message: Get rid of your junta by yourself: North it is


Russia informed the Macedonian Foreign Ministry that, in the future, it will use the name “Republic of North Macedonia.

In the Russian note it is stated that it has received the information from the Macedonian Foreign Ministry that under the Prespa treaty and in line with the constitutional amendments, the country has changed its name. The Russian Foreign Ministry replies that it will refer to Macedonia as the “Republic of North Macedonia”.

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Russia was highly critical of the process to rename Macedonia and its apparent main outcome – to bring the country into NATO. President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Ivanov condemned both the content of the Prespa treaty, and the way in which it was illegally rammed through the Macedonian Parliament.

  • bugmemore

    They all work together. Wake-up. Y0uTube for the video titled ‘The Don, The Donald, And The Network’.

  • neutrinoz

    It is not Russia that should defend chicken barn. Chicken must find own balls to defend it. So they can join family of sovereigns.

    Few of us made that step end up jailed by occupator. Glory is theirs.

    • jj

      But Macedonia is a small country and some of the most powerful countries have been working hard for years to maneuver things in the Balkans and Macedonia.
      Small countries need some support or backup from a much stronger country at least to counter being attacked/abused by several powerful countries/forces at once.
      The U.S. and multiple countries in the EU, meddle, pressure and threaten Macedonia ceaselessly and also back Albanian terrorists against it.
      Russia is just standing back and allowing Macedonia and Serbia to twist in the wind. I guess it doesn’t think these small countries are worth the effort.

      This here shows that Russia is, once again, going along with the west’s agenda.

      • Sophia

        Not true.The Macedonians wanted to be modern and capitalists….not socialist. This is how a capitalist society work- few make it, majority suffer.
        Russia offered help early on..we said NO in the name of CAPITALISM.
        Crooks, thieves everywhere starting from Zaev and going down the ladder….

        • jj

          What society is fully capitalist and zero socialist? U.S. has Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare and scores of other government and social programs. People have to pay income taxes to the state and federal government.

      • neutrinoz

        Sorry for delay. Cherish your line of thoughts.
        Little enlightenment that has been forcibly sent by the river by baily’s established non-minds. Moments when Russian diplomats were expelled (one from Macedonia and one from Greece) during early preparations for the coup. Constant wink-wink and nods from UN security council … etc.
        Shoes were too big for baby horhe. And baby grujo. And baby milimicko.

        As Russia clearly said not a single drop of own blood after WWII’s 27 mills. For anybody.

        • jj

          But Russians have been killed since then – like the UN Russian peacekeepers killed while sleeping in their barracks when Georgia attacked South Ossetia. And Russians were mowed down at the border when they first tried to come in to South Ossetia, as the Georgians had been trained (by the U.S.) and had prepared and planned. Of course, the Russians gained mastery after a few days but many Russians died as they were caught surprised and flat-footed. There was also the Chechnya war, attacks in Dagestan, bombings and terror attacks which killed scores at train/subway/metro stations, school children killed, etc.
          And the U.S./NATO/west is ever creeping up and consolidating. This shoehorned name change and Prespa agreement was to get rid of Greece blocking Macedonia into NATO. U.S. also forced Montenegro into NATO (most of the population didn’t want to join and there was no referendum). So NATO/U.S. is consolidating in the Balkans and everywhere it can. Russia will end up with no viable country with a policy that isn’t anti-Russia.
          And if the people in Southeastern Ukraine fall, then NATO will be right on Russia’s border there and threatening Russia.
          If it doesn’t help the people who are being destroyed by NATO/U.S. (which was ostensibly created against the U.S.S.R. w/ Russia at the core), then it is partly responsible for their suffering. The countries are being ground down because they are not anti-Russia enough.
          It will end up putting the world in a dangerous situation – a surrounded Russia with NATO on its borders with no buffer – a WWIII nuclear war situation.
          If Russia helped the countries resist and stay out of NATO it would prevent or slow a more Armageddon scenario.

          • neutrinoz

            Think you are right on every sentence. I don’t know single Russian but have gut feeling that they are now playing same entropy card (aka minimum energy spent) that destroyed ussr. Everyone can do that. Hope that it will bring NWO 2.0 at close proximity.