Zaev manages to make a fool out of DPNE’s Mickoski with a simple question


During last night’s debate between US Embassy representative Zaev and US Embassy representative Mickoski, it took Zaev 36 seconds to make a fool out of fake patriot Mickoski who earlier used a Macedonian pin to score points with the viewers.

Admittedly, Zaev isn’t able to debate a rock, let alone a human being, however, during the high strangeness of this debate where both the illegal Government and the controlled opposition have the same boss, it was Zaev who put Mickoski into a corner with a simple question: If you come to power, would you nullify the Prespa agreement? Mickoski had no response, his bosses at the Kale are watching.

This 36 seconds clip, Mickoski’s face, the silence… tells you all you need to know what the DPNE is and who they work for.


  • Belinda Dellios

    I watched the debate.
    You need to show more of the clip.
    I hope boycott means boycott for most, otherwise you are playing with all that is let.

    • neutrinoz

      Boycott is here to stay as instrument of direct democracy.
      Sooner we all comprehend it sooner we get results. Once I was also naive that some red lines are impossible to cross by representatives. Proved totally wrong. They can and will any. On first arm twist or first shiny proposal. Usually both. Actually they join politics just to have luck to be in such greasy moment at greasy position. Or just provoke one with alien help.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Stinking retards! Its a choice between a donkey and a mule with not half a brain between them.

  • V.M.

    Look at Mickoski’s face at the end… of course the traitors in DPNE can NOT touch the Prespa agreement, their return to power is tied to solely to not touching ‘north’. What a phuckin Rat!

  • Goran Stavreski

    If I was Mickoski, I would be screaming on top of my lungs that I’ll immediately remove all batshit crazy and illegal laws and “agreements”… but when you are a bought son of a bitch like Mickoski, yes, you too would be quiet.