Slovenia’s SNS leader: Macedonia is done, too many traitors


Slovenian SNS party leader Zmago Jelincic in an interview for Balkan Info stated that Macedonia as a country is more or less done!

Some people got paid really good money to sell their country. That’s the definition for traitors. And all of it, just so they can change the name of the country. And what did they get? Nothing. Entrance in NATO. This entrance means nothing, what it means is the end of Macedonia. There is already discussion of parts of Macedonia joining Albania. Greece will not stop and will take whatever they feel it belongs to them. The Bulgarians think precisely among the same lines. Last time I heard a large number of Macedonians have taken up Bulgarian citizenship, so this just aids Sofia even more in their quest, and they’re already in the EU while Macedonia isn’t. For Macedonia the future is not bright!” concluded the leader of Slovenia’s National Party Zmago Jelincic.

  • Macedonian Forever

    I hope all the cocksuckers back home are reading this. Does it take a foreigner to open up our eyes and minds? Do something and save yourselves and the country and if you do finally step up to the challenge make sure you hang every one of those traitorous bastards and bitches,
    The noose for Zaev, Dimitrov, Spasovski, Shekerinska, Osmani Xhaferi, Carovska, Angjushev, and all the rest of them who had any part in changing our name.
    Long live Macedonia!

  • Legenda Patriot

    A remarkable grasp of the obvious.

  • V.M.

    Indeed, this man summed up the diarrhea that is Macedonia.

  • Hans Müller

    Georg Soros, US Mafia, is the destroyer over all