Filipce: No new measures, virus is already spread country-wide


Filipce and the health authorities do not know what are they doing. They are lost, and the citizens pay for their incompetence with their lives and their health, said DPNE on Wednesday.

The party points out that Filipce’s statement that no new measures are needed because the virus is widespread is scandalous.

According to their logic, since hundreds of thousands have been infected, let them get infected even more, just because the virus is widespread. The essence of the measures is to prevent or reduce as much as possible the spread of the virus. This is rudeness and the peak of the government’s irresponsibility. Ten days ago, Filipce assured that the measures taken gave results, and today he says that there is no control over the pandemic. 


DPNE has said and is now also saying that the government has no strategy and takes measures that have no effects. There are no protocols, no plan what is being done and how it is being done and that is why the situation is catastrophic. Macedonia is at the top in terms of mortality and at the bottom in terms of vaccination worldwide, reads the party’s press release.