Video: 3 ‘off duty’ Policemen badly beaten by angry citizens in Skopje suburb


Quite the incident in the Skopje suburb of Shuto Orizari last night. A woman reported that a jeep is driving around in the neighborhood and saw men shoving a young girl into their vehicle.  The news spread like wildfire and more than 50 people dispersed onto the streets seeking the vehicle.

They ran into a jeep driven by three ethnic albanian ‘policemen’ stationed in Chair. None of them had any ID on them that will identify them as either regular citizens or policemen nor did they make an attempt to verbally identify themselves as policemen! What they did have in the car was shovels and a rope! Did we mention their jeep had no license plates? The angry citizenry, and you can tell how angry they are in the video below, quickly got them out of the car and roughed them up, one of them who apparently tried to fight back was in very bad shape and is fighting for his life in ER.

Boзнемирувачки снимки од Шуто Оризари

Boзнемирувачки снимки од Шуто Оризари

Posted by on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Spasovski and the MoI were quiet for hours, likely working on coming up with a bogus story what were these 3 policemen stationed in Chair doing scouring the neighborhood in Shuto Orizari with no IDs on them, no license plates and shovels and ropes!?

Spasovski finally explained the three policemen were allegedly protecting an SDSM official!? What official?? Where? Why don’t they have any IDs on them? Is this an illegal parapolice unit? What was really their true mission before it was abruptly stopped by what appears to be a karmic response by the citizenry!

From the scenario that unfolded, and from all the evidence we have seen, one can conclude that these three ‘policemen’ had sinister intentions, however thanks to the woman who reported the suspicious vehicle their plans were thwarted.