50,000 Canadian Truckers heading to Ottawa to protest Vaccine mandates


In a significant turn of events, that we are sure will be pilloried by Trudeau as being some mix of racist, mysognist, dangerous, or ‘damaging democracy’, Elon Musk – having earlier tweeted his support of the Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates…

..just turned up the social media amplifier to ’11’, teling his 71.1 million twitter followers that: “If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny,” and added that the way to fight back is to “vote them out.”

How long before Musk – the richest man in the world – is deplatformed 

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A massive convoy of Canadian truckers is nearing the capital of Ottawa to protest the cross-border COVID-19 vaccine mandates severely affecting the trucking industry. 


Top government officials, big technology companies, and mainstream media are downplaying the protest, dubbed the “Freedom Convoy” that began in Vancouver on Sunday and is expected to reach Ottawa, Canada’s capital, on Saturday. 

The prime minister has called anyone unvaccinated racist and misogynistic extremists. 

Meanwhile, big tech companies are taking aim at the movement to limit their mobility ahead of reaching Ottawa. 

GoFundMe froze an account linked to the group that organized the protest. The GoFundMe page raised CAD $6 million as of Thursday morning from 76,000 people. “We are asking for donations to help with the costs of fuel first, and hopefully food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task,” the GoFundMe page says. 

But GoFundMe spokeswoman Rachel Hollis sparked significant backlash after the tech company froze distributions of the fund after requesting organizers to show documentation “about how funds will be properly distributed.” 

It makes sense why Trudeau, big tech, and corporate media are downplaying and limiting the group’s mobility – that is because the movement is massive, anywhere between 40,000 and 50,000 Canadian truckers. The convoy could easily shut down Ottawa this weekend.