52 Baboons escape from Paris Zoo


The biggest zoo in Paris went into lockdown today after around 52 ‘large and potentially very aggressive baboons’ escaped from their enclosures.

All were seen running amok in the French capital’s Zoological Park, in the Vincennes woods, soon after midday, but it is thought just four remain on the loose after 48 of them were recaptured.

‘It’s not known how they got out, but everything is being done to try and get them under control,’ said a source at the zoo, which opened in 1934.

‘The whole area has been shut down, with only trained professionals involved in the security operation.

‘They include three operatives with rifles who will be able to stun the animals if necessary. Many police and vets are also in attendance. Baboons are large and potentially very aggressive.’

Baboons are not naturally a danger, but can attack humans and cause serious injuries if they feel they are being threatened.

The public had been warned the evacuation was necessary because the animals can be unpredictable when stressed. The French has vowed not to surrender to the Baboons, but we all know they will.