60 policemen guard SDS traitor Frosina Remenski


At the moment, a large group of citizens are protesting in front of the house of the SDSM MP, Frosina Remenski in Skopje’s suburb of Bardovci.

Around 60 policemen secure the property of Remenski, even the mayor of the suburb came to Remenski’s aid by turning off the street lighting system in an effort to disperse the crowds, which had an opposite effect as more people gathered lighting their way using their cell phones. Citizens continue to express their dissatisfaction with the SDS MPs who voted for the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages.


Remenski is considered the most intelligent individual at the SDS, one can see why.

Happy Birthday to Mikelandzelo Bonaparta, Adolf Musolini, Nikola Makedonski and Aleksandar Tesla…. Frosina knows these people…

  • Goran Stavreski

    Can you imagine this woman approaching you as you walk down the street at night… RUN!
    Baba Roga, is that you?

  • Teeks79

    😂😂😂😂😂 thats a good one bahahahaha…….

  • LXV

    These sold out bastards need to understand that we will stop at nothing until they’re dead or put behind bars where they belong.

    OTOH, it’s a real shame nobody thought of bringing fire torches yesterday; the perfect excuse was there thanks to the “mayor”…

  • V.M.

    If I apply to join the SDS, the application would come back:
    reason: You seem a bit too sane.

    • Its Just Me

      I bet a person cannot apply for this..

      below a certain psychological level (certain diagnisis) a person is automatically admitted to SDS.. Nobody (really) wants that

  • Its Just Me

    o-oh.. I guess it was not the policeman (60+) who protested..
    How many people were there? Seems like more policemen than protesters..

    Any new openings for policemen? I would apply 🙂
    Its the TOP JOB nowadays everybody wants you