7 countries were against Macedonia’s EU accession


The name, history, culture and identity sold for … nothing.

In addition to the firesale, Macedonia was purposely lumped with Albania to jointly negotiate an EU accession date, even though Macedonia was light years ahead of it in every sector, from economy, to infrastructure, to health.

Over the past three years, Macedonia was sent back to 1991, stripped of its name, identity and pride, all in an effort to supposedly enter NATO and EU.

NATO is already not looking good, there are few nations who may oppose the country’s admission to the military alliance, but are holding their cards close to their chest.

EU, just like for its own members, it’s a lost cause for Macedonia too. It was recently revealed that 7 countries opposed Macedonia’s accession to the EU (keep in mind Macedonia is lumped in the same ‘team’ with Albania where the Dutch Government recently made a request to Brussels to revoke their visa free travel.

Although MINA reported of France, Holland, Germany and Denmark being staunchly opposed to admitting new EU members (this includes Macedonia), Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain are the latest addition of countries who oppose Macedonia’s membership in the EU.

Greece doesn’t even need to use its half puppet state of Cyprus to block Macedonia’s accession to the EU.

Which brings us to the obvious question – what was the name changed for?