70% of Ukraine’s Army recruits fail to show up


The draft campaign “Autumn-2017” has been completed in Ukraine. As a result, more than 12 thousand new people were taken to serve in the army. This was reported by the Press Service of the Land Forces Command of the Army.

In October-November of this year, Ukrainian citizens of 1990-1997 date of birth were called up for urgent military service.

A total of 12, 460 people were called up to conscript, including 8360 in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 3500 in the National Guard, and 600 in the State Special Transport Service.

In the process, 70% of conscripts failed to appear in military commissariats as requested. Of these, almost a third are now on the wanted list “for evading compulsory military service, the real term of imprisonment is up to three years,” the Supreme Court reminded.