83 Macedonian doctors leave the country in latest exodus


According to the data of the Doctor’s Chamber of Macedonia this year a total of 83 doctors have requested certificates from the Chamber for leaving the country, unlike the quarter in 2018 when there were 69 requests. The Doctor’s Chamber is hoping that the measure announced by the healthcare authorities to involve all young doctors who will receive a license in health centers will reduce the black statistics of staff outflow.

I hope to keep them because it’s not just practice, but paid practice. They will have an internship and experience that is necessary and get paid, and who knows they may even want to stay work there, says Dr. Kalina Stardelova Grivceva, the Chamber’s President.

According to the Chamber’s statistics, 1,200 doctors have left the country in the period between 2010 and 2018.

  • Tony

    The country is a joke with this Government

  • Legenda Patriot

    Tony, it is beyond a joke what has happened to our country. The parasitic scum have destroyed it from within and no one is standing up to these low life bastards. Kopilina majmunski!

  • jj

    If all the Macedonian patriots and decent people would have stood firm against the traitorous leaders, then it wouldn’t have fallen. – Like what if all these 83 doctors, plus those in other professions who are going to leave or have left, would have all gone on strike or joined the protesters?

  • V.M.

    I think it was in Kochani… 295 people filled forms that they’re leaving the country with one way tickets. This was 295 people in 1 day. Kochani is a tiny town…
    Making room for migrants..

  • Sam

    Just like criminal junta is going door to door so should supposed patriots currently living in the Republic of Macedonia do the same. And ask the half whits who voted for these petty criminals to look at them selves and try to understand gravity of this situation. We’re they expecting some sort of corporate show bags from EU Nato membership.