The sound of bought idiots: There are some in Greece who don’t speak Greek, we don’t know what they speak


Zoran Zaev waded into the controversy over whether Macedonians can mention the fact that there are ethnic Macedonians living in Greece. Under the Prespa treaty he signed, Macedonia is not allowed to interfere in Greek internal matters and as his Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov found out, merely mentioning the Macedonian community in Greece qualifies as interference.

Dimitrov used Macedonian to describe Greeks who identify as Macedonians, but refused to use the word to describe actual Macedonians, even though his family originates from the region of Aegean Macedonia. Zaev spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski tried to go further and said that “there is a certain category of citizens in the Republic of Greece who don’t speak Greek, they speak a different language, but we are not those who should determine what language they use”, and this caused outrage in Greece.

In an interview with the recently renamed “Media Information Agency” renamed from Macedonian Information Agency, Zaev carefully avoided the question, lest he angers the Greeks.

But, in his interview, Zaev makes it clear that his Government will not even acknowledge the existence of the Macedonians or name them as such.

And this is how someone whose IQ is 11 and was paid cool 50 million euros sounds like.

  • neutrinoz

    StandUrd zajko: “Ich wanna bums … ohne penetratio … bitte … shon”

  • Legenda Patriot

    Disgusting miserable excuse for a human! Oxygen thief! Need I keep going?

    • Sophia

      I just cannot comprehend what is wrong with the MACEDONIAN people, it is as if they are in a coma? Where is everyone? We should be protesting on a daily basis! Wake up ..please!
      How can we stand back hypnotized into doing nothing and lose our country our history our culture our language! And by the way no one wants to admit that our people a minority in Greece, that they speak Macedonian_ Really! My Baba was born in Lerinsko and she speaks Macedonian! What happened to their rights as a minority?
      Everything is illegal in Macedonia -everything and all the people are comatose…PLEASE WAKE UP AND STAND UP FOR YOUR IDENTITY,YOUR HISTORY THAT ARE RIGHTFULLY OURS AND NO ONE ELSE’s!

      • Legenda Patriot

        Sophia you are 100% correct. Everyone is asleep. They should be storming the parliament and marching all the traitors off to the gallows.