A certainty that Greece will not ratify Agreement


The warnings that keep coming from both Sofia and Athens continue to be ignored by Macedonian Parliament. The latest salvo came from Bulgaria’s Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov who stated Bulgaria will veto Macedonia’s EU and NATO negotiations – didn’t even bother to give reasons. This was followed by Alexis Tsipras in Athens who over the past few weeks has repeatedly stated Greece will block Macedonia. The latest warning from Athens came yesterday after an alleged statement by Zaev where he called himself Macedonian. Tsipras claimed the agreement was dead, as no one was allowed to call himself Macedonian. Zaev has also called himself “Bulgarian” and “Orthodox Albanian”.

These repeated warnings are not accidental, however, they have fallen on deaf ears in Skopje where the illegal process for renaming the country has been put on high speed rails.

Namely, when the country gets a new name in January, Athens no longer needs to ratify the Agreement, and this is what both Athens and Sofia have been warning about all along. Once the country’s name and identity is changed, game over. There is no need for Greece to ratify anything after this. And because Athens will not ratify it, the integration to EU and NATO, though light years away, falls in the water.

Then, Parliament will be unable to return the old Constitution. This is because 2/3 majority is needed in addtiion to Badinter agreement – this with DUI and SDS (and now DPNE) under US control is mission impossible – it will never happen.

Russia’s Ambassador to Athens yesterday gave his two cents on the matter… namely, there is no need for Moscow to react … because the Kremlin is aware Greece will not ratify the agreement.

Although the SDS specializes in changing and undermining Macedonia’s symbols, culture, identity, language and country, there is no going back after January.

  • neutrinoz

    Zomby prize.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I’ve been saying this for 5 months. Never expected Athens to ratify it.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    The only place the agreement is going is in the ground, along with its supporters.