After helping Zaev vote-in all Constitutional changes, DP.NE ‘quits’ Constitutional Commission


We can no longer take part in this farce, there was never a debate nor did the Commission accepted any of our amendments. We attempted to show the Constitutional changes for the farce that is, and this is why we’re removing our MPs from the Commission. It’s clear to us Zaev does not respect the will of the people” stated MP Antonio Miloshoski.


The tiny problem here is that DP.NE MPs have already assisted Zaev as much as they were told and required, gave Zaev the badly needed quorum, legitimacy, there is nothing for them to do in the Commission as all Constitutional Changes were passed on Monday the 17th. There is nothing else to pass, so Miloshoski’s statement was seen by all as ridiculous, idiotic and infuriating at the same time.

DP.NE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski who has received a barrage of comments on social media for not removing his MPs from Parliament months ago, turned to Miloshoski to sell the latest dose of fake patriotism (the party’s new motto), fully knowing what the reaction is going to be. As one social media user put it “Who are these treasonous fools kidding?”