Albania registers record number of divorces in 2017


Statistics from the Albanian Ministry of Justice confirm that last year 7,956 divorces were registered in the country, the highest figure in the last five years.

Compared to 2016, last year there were 311 divorces more.

Following the number of divorces, Tirana took the number one spot in the country with with 1.897 divorces, followed by Vlora, Elbasan, Fier, Skodra and Korcha.

Puk and Tropoi remain more conservative cities with family traditions, where 40 and 44 cases were registered respectively.

According to court psychologists, the biggest cause of divorce is emigration, producing the biggest social problems, mainly as a result of men departures abroad. Gambling is the second cause for divorces. Divorce applicants in these cases are women who want to protect children and property.

Divorce claims as a result of men’s gambling addiction are on a steady pace, which also corresponds to the expansion of lottery games, casinos in every city and countryside.

Other reasons for divorce, according to statistics, are poverty, infidelity, violence and alcohol.