Albanian doctor for Hemorrhoids asks Macedonians not to meddle while he is selling Macedonia


During a news briefing yesterday, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani explained that Macedonia no longer has the right to support the rights and interests of ethnic Macedonians in Bulgaria and Greece. Osmani said that the case with Bulgaria is due to the Friendship Treaty signed by Zaev and Boyko Borisov in 2017.

The 1999 declaration and the 2017 treaty state that nothing in our Constitution can be interpreted as interference in the Bulgarian internal affairs regarding individuals who are not our citizens. After the Prespa Treaty, the article of the Constitution that declared that the state has an obligation to care for the Macedonian minorities, well we deleted this, Osmani said.

According to the DUI hemorrhoid doctor turned diplomat, Bulgaria, on the other hand, reserves the right to interfere in Macedonian internal affairs, since it has issued thousands of dual citizenships.

Osmani also asked Macedonian historians to stay away from any historical conversation and to leave the negotiations to politicians.