Albanian (DUI) ongoing fraud in the villages of Zajas and Oslomej


The tiny village of Zajas, DUI’s stronghold and birthplace of Ali Ahmeti has a total of 331 votes as of 3pm. The tally is combined with the neighboring village of Oslomej. The problem is that both villages who have roughly several hundred people living in them, have officially 19,625 registered voters!

Kichevo itself has a population of not more than 25,000 people, with around 19,000 registered voters. As a result, a sane person would ask, how the hell, the tiny villages of Zajas and Oslomej have 19,625 registered voters?

MINA has reported literally over a hundred times over the past ten years that the Albanian vote in Macedonia is ridiculously fraudulent, with villages of not more than 20 houses submitting 4-6,000 votes during each election which always go to DUI which in turn increase their number of MPs in Parliament. This is yet again evident with Zajas and Oslomej.

Our prediction is that at precisely 7:00 pm, one of Ahmeti’s thugs will appear with AK47 with two others carrying several boxes stuffed with ballots (between 7 and 10,000) of them. This can be prevented by MoI boss Nakje Chulev, if he is up to the task (but, we have doubts). Remember, there were 331 votes as of 3:00pm.