Albanian president asks the citizenry to topple the Government


Albania’s President Ilir Meta on Wednesday called on the people to topple the left-wing government, which he accused of violating the constitution and of alleged links to organized crime, AP reported.
Meta said at a news conference that he hopes people will come to the capital Tirana on March 2, when he plans to sign the first decree against what he says is a ‘coup d’etat’ being carried out by the government through the justice system.

The Balkan nation of 2.5 million has been enacting reforms in hopes of getting a green light to launch membership talks with the EU. The president said that justice system reform approved three years ago to root out bribery and ensure that judges and prosecutors are independent from politics, part of an effort to embrace EU standards, has failed.

The appeal was apparently a counter-move against the governing Socialist Party of PM Edi Rama, which has launched impeachment proceedings against him. The move stemmed from Meta’s attempt to cancel last year’s municipal elections.

The parliament, dominated by the Socialists, is expected to produce a report in March that will likely ask for Meta’s ouster.