Aleksandar Dugin: Americans thought they are going to get away with it…


Dugin is a former advisor to the Kremlin, a respected scholar in Russia.Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin

“Americans believed that they could arm the Nazi regime in Kiev to the teeth, set them against Russia, force them to fire American missiles, carry out terrorist acts, and get away with it.

Openly supporting Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip and get away with it.

Destroying the Iranian military and staging mass terror attacks at their funerals – and get away with it.

Pushing the Chinese in Taiwan into conflict with Beijing – and get away with it.

Bombing indiscriminately the proud Houthis of Yemen – and get away with it.

Provoking a civil war in Venezuela by recognizing some liberal bastard as ‘president’ – and get away with it.

Ruthlessly exploiting the peoples of Africa – and get away with it.

Humanity is gradually beginning a war with Anglo-Saxon globalism and its satellites.

The United States has been waging a war against humanity for a long time, but with the help of their intelligence networks, which lull vigilance, the globalists made it so that humanity did not notice this. It seems to have noticed. More precisely, it is beginning to notice.

Now or a little later, the war of humanity against the United States will begin in full force.”