Ali Ahmeti’s nephew wants to put an end to Macedonia’s cancer: DUI


The nephew of Ali Ahmeti is Fatmir Limani, Kicevo resident who came in 3rd in the recent mayoral election in the small Macedonian western town.

(The Big Lebowski) Limani received 4,000+ votes and ran as an independent candidate. DUI ran with the mayor incumbent Fatmir Dehari who came in 2nd with 8,000+ votes, behind DPNE’s Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovski who won the first round with 9,000+ votes.

Limani’s votes in Kicevo would be crucial in determining the winner. In a FB post, Limani says that it’s time to end DUI’s corruption once and for all, adding that he is campaigning for DPNE.

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Needless to say, this will not go well at DUI’s HQ in Mala Rechica.

DUI has been in power since 2002, no matter what party wins or looses, DUI has remained a part of every Government coalition for 19 years. In addition, no DUI official has even been prosecuted, for anything, even when they beat policewomen.