American soldiers use depleted uranium during exercise in Macedonia


Macedonia’s waffle house waitress and SDSM VP Radmila Sekerinska took a ride in a US army vehicle during exercises in Krivolak’s training center. Why is the US army having exercises in Krivolak is a separate topic, however during a photo-op in the army vehicle, one can spot depleted uranium ammunition.

The US Army use of depleted uranium in Kosovo has resulted in over 12,000 cancer cases, huge number of children being born with deformities… so why not bring the same to Macedonia.

The US uses ammunitions manufactured from depleted uranium because, when fused with metal alloys, they are considered the most effective warhead for penetrating enemy tanks. Also, because depleted uranium is twice as dense as lead.
However, depleted uranium ammo is highly radioactive and is quite dangerous to the soldiers who use it.

Inhaling depleted uranium causes kidney failure and cancer. Why is the US army using depleted uranium in Macedonia for a training exercise… perhaps Sekerinska and Zaev can answer.

  • Legenda Patriot

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