Amphibious landing near Odessa, 30 Russian helicopters involved


At least thirty (30) Russian attack helicopters are moving against targets west of Odessa, Ukraine, likely to soften a beachhead for an Amphibious landing.

1 Slava class cruiser, 4 corvettes, 2 minesweepers, 11 troop landing ships in 3 distinct flotillas, positioned themselves earlier today for a night landing to the west of Odesa, likely Hrybivka area.

Helicopter landings began around dusk to secure rear areas of beachhead.

Ukrainian 28th Mechanized Brigade + 122nd Territorial Defense brigade are prepared to meet the landing.


Airborne landings now. Velykodolyns’ke area, outside Odesa. Substantial helicopter numbers, 30+. Sound of naval gunfire reported from city.