Analyst: Albanians will not vote in referendum, EU and US are encouraging ballot stuffing


All Albanian politicians live with the fear of failure in the referendum to change Macedonia’s name and call on the Albanians in the country to vote for the Macedonian-Greek treaty!

Is it really possible that these politicians are so uninformed and do not know that there are no Albanians in Macedonia, nearly all of the Albanian youth has left Macedonia, and that in this country, there are only so many Albanians as the numbers needed for DUI (elderly, incompetent DUI voters). So here, I am telling you: do not worry, because there are no Albanians in Macedonia to vote, but there is a pro-Western DUI chief and his experts for ballot stuffing our voting boxes! And even for the first time, this “democratic” action of ballot staffing, which DUI has used for twenty years in continuity during all elections, does not bother Brussels! Because maybe we did not become like all of Europe, but long ago the EU has become like all of us, Brussels and the US are encouraging ballot staffing.” – wrote Albanian author and analyst Kim Mehmeti on his Facebook profile.

“Të gjithë burrështetasit e “Shqipërive” tona, jetojnë me frikën se mos dështon referendumi për ndryshimin e emrit të…

Posted by Kim Mehmeti on Tuesday, September 11, 2018