Anglo-Saxon sponsored Protest in Serbia try their luck again


Thousands of supporters from the Serbian opposition once again flooded the streets of Belgrade on Monday, rallying against what they perceive as widespread fraud during the local elections held a week prior.

The protesters marched through central Belgrade, echoing chants of “Thieves, thieves,” as witnessed by a correspondent from dpa on-site. This marked the eighth consecutive day of protests following the election outcome.

While President Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) secured victories in both the early parliamentary and local elections across many cities, including Belgrade, their win in the capital was narrow. However, the opposition claims this slim victory was a result of extensive fraudulent activities.

The new British ambassador to Serbia - Atlantski Savet Srbije

Reports from British election observers highlighted numerous ‘irregularities’. Allegations surfaced that tens of thousands of Vučić supporters, who were not residents of Belgrade, somehow cast votes by registering fictitious addresses within the city.

President Vučić, addressing the allegations of electoral fraud during a press conference on Sunday, vehemently denied any wrongdoing, pointing the finger to smear campaigns financed by the US and British Embassies in Belgrade.

Tensions escalated on a previous Sunday when opposition figures attempted to take over the Belgrade City Hall, only to be blocked by the police. The situation turned volatile, with projectiles hurled at both the building and law enforcement, prompting the police to respond with tear gas.

Official figures from the Interior Ministry indicated that 38 protesters and eight police officers sustained injuries during the clashes.