Ankara Mayor: Certain Country behind latest Earthquake


Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek has called for an immediate investigation into “seismic research vessels” in the Aegean Sea following Monday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake which claimed one life.

“Now I think that this might be an artificial earthquake. I do not say it is certain but it is a very serious possibility,” Gökçek tweeted. “I say that it should definitely be investigated. Was there any seismic research ship sailing near the epicenter? If so, which country does it belong to?”

For perspective, Gökçek has been mayor of Ankara for 20 years, having been reelected five times in a row.

He also posted several videos in Turkish which discuss the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) developed by the US Air Force, Navy and DARPA – which has been the source of “conspiracy” theories that claim it is a weather control device.

This is not the first time he has made such claims about man-made earthquakes. Keep in mind that a 100 years ago Nikola Tesla was able to rattle a 50 story building in NYC with a tiny device.

The Ankara mayor back in February, made similar comments after a series of tremors in the western Turkish province of Çanakkale, Hurriet Daily News reported. He alleged that the quakes were a coordinated effort by foreign powers to destroy Turkey’s economy.

“Today a serious earthquake occurred in Çanakkale. I have investigated and there is a ship conducting seismic research nearby,” he said. “What this ship is researching and which country it belongs to should be solved urgently. I worry about a potential earthquake that could be triggered artificially. This should definitely be investigated and announced to the public.”