Another of Mijalkov’s assets, Luka Krzalovski quits DPNE


After Rangelova, the head of DPNE’s Union for Young People Luka Krzalovski quit the party. Our sources in the party confirmed just like Rangelova he too was an asset inserted into the party’s leadership by Sasho Mijalkov.

His resignation letter, just like Rangelova’s has an unbearable stench of the US Embassy. Krzalovski too claimed the current leadership does not enjoy the support of the “international” community, meaning the US, and he of course could not be a part of such party. Just like Rangelova, Janchev, Todorov, Bogdanov, Aleksandrova, Mukoski, Kanceska Milevska…

Or, it could be this guy who decided for Krzalovski.

What is more intriguing is that Krzalovski is the individual who signed off on Xhaferi as parliament speaker! Remember who signed off on the Przino Agreement? Todorov.
Krzalovski had also been ‘against’ activating the young to protest the current criminal Government junta. In other words the head of DPNE’s young people and a member of a half dozen committees has been Mijalkov’s asset from day one as he climbed the party ladder.

Which brings is to the following question – Is there anyone in the DPNE who isn’t compromised by Mijalkov? If the past two weeks is anything to go by… no? The list of compromised people is quite extensive already.

It is also clear, more than ever, that Mijalkov was the actual leader in the DPNE while his cousin Gruevski an assistant of sorts. SDS implants, traitors were all green-lighted to the party by Mijalkov with Gruevski simply rubber stamping all of his decisions.

Meanwhile, what treasonous fool is next in line?
Here is a hint…

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