Another pro-Macedonian daily shuts its door


20 years into its existence, another Macedonian daily is closing their doors. This time, it is sports newspaper “Makedonski Sport”.

Nearly a year ago, after decades of excellent journalism, Skopje based daily Dnevnik closed their doors.

Both closures are tied with the SDSM and their blackmail of businessman Orce Kamcev. Both Dnevnik and Makedonski Sport were owned by Kamcev, however both dailies were perceived by the SDSM leadership as a ‘problem’, as they were pro-Macedonia. In fact, MINA reported nearly three years ago that US Ambassador Jess Baily viewed Dnevnik as a threat to his agenda in Macedonia. It was the largest Macedonian newspaper in the country.

The SDSM bandits were given tapes by the CIA and MI6 on private conversations Orce Kamcev had with various businessmen and his family. MINA finds, the SDSM used these tapes to blackmail Kamchev first into closing Dnevnik (one week after the coup), and now Makedonski Sport. It wouldn’t be surprising if Zaev has extorted substantial sum of money from Kamchev in addition to the closure of two excellent newspapers. The Skopje based businessman and his family are one of the wealthiest people in the country.

And so, another pro-Macedonian daily said ‘goodbye’ on their front page.