Anti-Corruption Commission sees attempt to remove public prosecutor as “Illegal”


Parliament resumed its discussion on the Government’s proposal to remove Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski on Tuesday. DPMNE representatives used the option they have after splitting their party group into 10 separate groups to protract the discussion, while SDS withdrew from the debate, calling it pointless.

According to DPMNE, SDS has no right to remove the Public Prosecutor because the Electoral Code bans appointments and dismissals of public officials in the run up to an election, and the municipal elections, scheduled for October 15th, were already declared. DPMNE representatives also reiterated their proposal that the Public Prosecutor is nominated by the largest opposition party, and is elected with a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

Krsto Jovanovski from DPMNE said that the proposal to dismiss Zvrlevski flies in the face of the established political system, the Constitution and the laws. Emilija Aleksandrovna added that it is suspicious how the Council of Public Prosecutors had no objections to Zvrlevski’s work for years, but now, all of the sudden, they support the SDS led Government’s request to replace him. “This is clear pressure aimed at the judiciary, meant to discipline other prosecutors and judges”, she said. DPMNE also requests that the Anti-Corruption Commission gives its view on the Electoral Code and on whether the law allows that Zvrlevski is dismissed during a pre-election period. According to media reports, the Commission submitted its opinion in which it considers the proposal to replace Zvrlevski as illegitimate.

SDS members of Parliament believe that this article of the Electoral Code is not applicable because Zvrlevski would still remain employed in the Public Prosecutor’s Office. They claim that he failed to uphold his duty timely and in a non-partisan manner. But in reality, the goal is by removing Zvrlevski to remove the plethora of criminal cases currently pending against Zaev.

Ilija Dimovski from DPMNE also asked UCK’s Talat Xhaferi, whose legitimacy DPMNE disputes, to lower the level of anxiety in his approach and to stop interrupting the speakers.