Anti-Corruption office tells Zaev he can’t appoint himself Finance Minister


The head of the Anti-Corruption Commission Biljana Ivanovska warned that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev can’t assume the office of Finance Minister, as this would break the law on conflict of intersts.

The law is clear and it states that the Prime Minister can’t be a minister. The two offices can not be merged. The law on the Government merely allows the Prime Minister to administer a department for a period of time, Ivanovska said.

The issue was raised as Zaev dismissed his Finance Minister Dragan Tevdovski and announced he will take over his department. The Parliament meets today to begin its discussion on this, and several other changes in less notable departments.

Ivanovska cited article 44 of the Law on the prevention of corruption and conflict of interst, which states that offices such as President, Prime Minister, minister, mayor, judge and others can not be combined with another office.

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