Anti-Macedonian SDSM changes name of Airport during secret Government session


Similarly to the way the SDSM changed Macedonia’s name in 1993 and entered the UN under an acronym, last night during a secretive Government session, the SDSM led by simpleton Zoran Zaev voted to rename the airport to International Airport Skopje.

The SDSM simpleton stated that the decision on the new name of the airport, as well as the decision to rename the highway “Alexander the Great” in “Friendship”, took place at a government session.

Zaev, after meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Davos, announced that the names of the Alexander the Great Airport and Alexander the Great highway will be changed.

The Greek Foreign Ministry has already applauded Zaev’s decision.

  • Its Just Me

    Do you think somebody is secretly going to do something to Zaev?
    Like change his name, delete his identity, throw him on a street or maybe outside of the country..?
    Or a simple thing, like stealing his car and keeping it as his… Just acting insanely as him, just to see what he does..
    Or serving him cold beer (pee) see how he likes it? 🙂

  • Billy

    Zaev is incapable of making a sovereign decision, he is simply going through the list that Baily gave him.

  • hankz

    Lol. You are Slavs, you have no rights to the name of Macedonia or its history!!! Stop trying to steal Greece’ history and culture!! There is only one Macedonia and it is Greek!!!

    • Prosfig Prosfigitis

      whaa, whaa – Delusuional Asian Prosfig.
      How many times a day do you urinate on your Prosfig grandparents’ grave?
      Or is it an hourly thing?

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Incompetence level-EXPERT. Negotiation 101 is if you give away something you have you get something in return. I bet he got something. Same cannot be said for the rest of the country.