Apasiev tells Dimitrov to quit post and Return money to Greece


Law professor Dimitar Apasiev has asked “Nikolce Dimitrov”, the SDSM foreign minister to quit his post and return the money he has taken to change Macedonia’s name.

“No census, No decision, No agreement”, these are the facts, wrote Apasiev.

Meanwhile, there has been multiple statements from Greece, each more angrier than the last. Did they just realize they too may lose their “investments” in Zaev, Dimitrov, Angjushev and the rest?

At first Greece’s FM Kotzias stated he and his partners in the SDS were surprised by the low turnout. Then he stated he wasn’t surprised, but did expect 41% <— as if that would have made a difference?

Then Kotzias turned a page, and copied the US State Department hilarious statement that the Referendum was superb, and the will of the handful “Yes” votes should be respected, even if 75% said No.
But then Kotzias turned quite angry (even he realized he is venturing into Zaev IQ territory) and announced 200,000, maybe 300,000 Macedonians have moved out of the country right before the Referendum, adding the country has 1.1m voters total.

Kotzias was certainly losing it, but did not forget to take a swipe at Turkey for some reason, whose president Erdogan congratulated Macedonians on the boycott.

It’s quite clear the “Greeks” are very nervous not just from the Referendum outcome, but the fact tens of millions of euros were wired to Zaev’s junta for a job well done… or in this case medium rare.

Apasiev asked Nikolce to return the money to Athens… will he though?

  • jimbo
  • Only Liberty Matters

    Who is going to stand with this Macedonian hero

  • vistina

    Dimitrov is hopeless. How much has he been paid and by who?

    Who is the real author of the “Prespa capitulation“?