Arkan’s assassin under CIA & MI6 protection killed in South Africa


CIA operative Milan Djuricic convicted of killing Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan and two of his friends on January 15, 2000, was killed in South Africa on Wednesday afternoon, local media confirmed.

The information that appeared about his murder was quickly denied by the claim that a Belgian citizen was killed in South Africa, which allegedly looked similar to Đuričić.

However, it has just been confirmed and the family has been told that Milan (Miki) Đuričić was indeed the one killed.

According to the available information, Milan Djuricic was killed in South Africa, Johannesburg, yesterday after what witnesses described as a classical mafia style shooting at 1pm local time.

Although there was no confirmation at that time that he was killed just … soon all the dilemmas were removed. It was Milan Đuričić Miki who was known to the Serbian public as one of the killers of Željko Ražnatović.

According to eyewitnesses, police officers who first came to the crime scene found the man’s lifeless body at the driver’s seat in a car that was standing still at a traffic light.

– A man (Djuricic) had multiple injuries in the neck and chest area, and the ambulance was only able to confirm his death – reported local media.

– About 13.25 local time, Djuricic’s car stopped at a traffic light, however, the next moment a white car blocked the car of the victim. Two masked men came out of it with an automatic weapons and “riddled” the driver with bullets – said Captain Makogwajan from the Johannesburg’s police.

Djuricic was said to have enjoyed lavish life style in South Africa courtesy of the US and UK Governments, and was under protection of both the US and British intel for over 17 years.