Army of Fans heads towards Alexander the Great airport to welcome Vardar


Thousands of Macedonians are heading towards the airport to welcome their new heroes. Vardar players are arriving at 11:30am local time. The city of Skopje has allocated at least 50 buses to take fans to the airport, free of charge, but the interest is so great, many fans have taken their own cars.

It will certainly be a fiesta in about 40 minutes times, first at the airport, and then on the streets of the capital. Young and old, everyone is going.

It’s not every day that you celebrate a European champion.
As I overheard an older gentlemen this morning in the city bus, he put it bluntly to his friend “Even if you’re not going, you’re still going, the entire city will be outside, so I am going”.

To add to this, I am going too!

We had a broadcast link going, however the link was broken thanks to VIP and TMobile’s networks being overwhelmed.

This is what downtown looks like…